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Benthe Maertens-Gommers

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Benthe is a manager in the Customer & Marketing practice with focus on Commerce Strategy. She has extensive experience in customer driven digital transformation in Marketing, Sales and Service. Benthe is passionate about helping B2B clients within the Industrial & Manufacturing industry. She worked with leading brands such as Shell, SHV, but also retail leaders as Foot Locker. Her primary focus is on growth strategy, roadmap & capability prioritization, customer insights, operating model, route-to-market strategy, and loyalty.

She holds an MSc. (Digital) Marketing degree from Trinity College Dublin (with honours) and a business degree. She has worked and lived internationally (e.g. Germany, Austria, France) and as a former national athlete has a “getting things done” mentality.

Benthe gets energized from anything active and outdoors. Therefore, she can be found mostly in the Alps and running on the beach closely to where she lives in The Hague.

Benthe Maertens-Gommers