Carina Palumbo


Senior Manager

Carina Palumbo

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Enterprise, and in particular public organizations, get overwhelmed by the complexity of digital transformation. In such context, placing humans at the center is crucial to bring strategic clarity and define priorities. Focusing on human needs (clients, citizens, employees) and aligning them to the purpose of the organization and its technology landscape, is key to deliver successful digital services. I help organizations transform to realize effective digital experiences, by augmenting their capabilities with design thinking, UX, data driven insights, and agile software development.

In my free time I play beach volleyball in the Dutch coast. There I enjoy adapting to the irregularities of the sandy terrain, leveraging from the wind, keeping the focus when my sunglasses get blurry with rain, and reading players to predict their moves.

Carina Palumbo