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Erik Nanninga

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Erik is member of the Executive Committee and the Managing Partner for Deloitte Consulting in the Netherlands. As a Consulting partner Erik gained significant experience in Consumer Business, leading the practice for more than 7 years.

Erik has significant experience in complex business transformations for multinational clients. He is specialized in Strategy development, M&A/integrations and separations, Restructuring/ efficiency improvement, Commercial Effectiveness and complex transformations for Consumer goods and Retail Companies. Erik has more than 20 years of experience in serving clients like Canon, Philips, Ahold, Heineken, Sara Lee/DEMB, Royal BoskalisWestminster, FedEx, ADM and Nike in multiple geographies(EMEA, US and APAC).

Selected project experience :
–SimplicityFit for Growthprogram for Ahold
–Store improvementprogram for Ahold
–Distribution StrategyEurope, MilddleEast andAfricafor Canon
–Service Tranformationfor Canon
–Post MergerIntegration OCE intoCanon
–Retail scalabilityprogram for Nike
–Country Strategydevelopment (UK, France, Germany) for Nike
–Performance improvementfor multiple retailers
–Carve-out and Joint venture set up TV divisionfor Philips
–Carve-out Chocolate andCocoadvisionsfromADM toCargill
–Post MergerIntegration TNT intoFedEx

Erik has studied Econometrics and has a degree from the University of Groningen. He alsohad YMP-educationat INSEAD and MPSF-educationat Harvard Business School.

Erik Nanninga