Koon-Sang Tsang

Risk Advisory

Senior Manager

Koon-Sang Tsang

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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Koon’s expertise and passion lie within the field of implementing and operationalizing privacy and data protection regulations and practices. She has a background in business economics, business process optimization and information management. Additionally, she is experienced in project, programme and change management. In combination with her focus and experience in the field of privacy and data protection, it enables her to help organizations in making the GDPR practical and suitable for a proper organizational-wide embedment. By helping different organizations in both their transformation phase and daily operations, it equipped her with the right experience and tools to ensure high-quality project delivery.

Koon has worked for diverse large and complex organizations on privacy and data protection strategies, target operating models and (day-to-day) operations within the private sector. Therefore she gained broad knowledge and experience in how to ensure successful GDPR project and program implementations, and privacy governance structures.

Koon-Sang Tsang