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Maureen Berkhout

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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I am a passionate Human Capital Consultant, advising clients on their preferred business future with a focus on Wellbeing, Sustainable Work and Employee Experience. Based on my personal purpose and expertise I help organizations to include Wellbeing in the heart of their strategy, culture and processes. In doing this, my personal mission is to realize a sustainable, healthy and energized workforce, making sure everyone can be their true selves at work. As a co-founder of the Wellbeing Community, I connect prominent organizations to share innovation, inspiration and best practices on a variety of wellbeing related topics.

Next to sharing my passion and experience in a business context, I like to inspire and connect about Wellbeing as a host lecturer at Universities and as a Yin-Yoga teacher.

Maureen Berkhout