Merik Seven

Consulting Strategy, Analytics and M&A | Analytics & Cognitive

Senior Manager

Merik Seven

I work at Deloiotte as a Senior Manager in Life Science en Health Care sector. I have a passion for and been able to build my knowledge base and experience in the field of healthcare, business administration and digital innovation; bringing people together and finding new ways and opportunities to optimise value based health and care for the patient and professional. Resulting in a drive to make a difference and engage people while being pragmatic.

I have a Master degree in Health Business Administration and a bachelor in medical imaging and radiotherapy oncology. I have more then 25 years of experience in different Healthcare and Health&IT management roles within (acadamic) hospitals and the Dutch national compentence centre for digital health, interoperability and standardisation (Nictiz). As a senior advisor and program manager within Nictiz I worked for 5 years for the Ministery of Health, European Commission with a focus on eHealth (policy) implementation programs on a regional, national and international scale. Within these programs there as a strong focus on strategy, data and interoperability.

Within the Deloitte strategy, data analytics and cognitive offering I’m nowadays responsible for the program management for two national associations of hospitals that uses a similar EMR vendor (SAP/Cerner and Chipsoft) amongst other digital health projects.

Next to this I’m a member of the HIMSS EU governing council and a board member of the advisory board of master of medical informatics on the University of Amsterdam and Pharmeon (SME).

Merik Seven