Pim Baas

Technology Strategy

Senior Consultant

Pim Baas

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Working at the Technology Strategy service line, my main focus is helping organizations merge, carve-out, or disentangle their IT. A Post Merger Integration is a lengthy and complex transformation touching all aspects of IT from both organizations. Preparing an organization for Day 1, IT is the key function with many interdependencies with other business units. Cutting over ownership with military precision is a challenging and rewarding task when successfully delivered. When disentangling an IT function, the biggest challenge is to build a new organization for delivering IT to the business as if the IT disentanglement never took place, together with realizing synergy benefits. Our involvement is helping top-management to prepare and drive the execution of each of those transformations, and managing a broad stakeholder field. I have broad experience in running IT M&A transformation in the Financial Services Industry, and manufacturing, both in national as international context.

Pim Baas