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Sandra van Buren

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Sandra van Buren is a seasoned Business Tax Advisor dedicated to serving Privately held Consumer companies and their Family Offices. With a specialized focus on clients headquartered in The Netherlands or those with a significant and expanding presence in the region, Sandra provides comprehensive tax and statutory guidance designed to navigate the complex landscape of business taxation both locally and globally.

Sandra's expertise encompasses a wide range of critical business tax topics, including international taxation, cross-border reorganizations, interest deduction limitations, as well as grants and incentives. Her profound understanding of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), tax control frameworks, financing strategies, Pillar 2, and ATAD2 equips her clients with the knowledge and tools needed to optimize their tax positions in accordance with their risk profiles.

Understanding that each client's needs are unique, Sandra approaches every engagement with a tailored strategy. She assists her clients in fulfilling their worldwide tax and statutory responsibilities, while also identifying avenues for cost efficiency. Her approach is not only to ensure compliance but to enhance business value through strategic tax planning and management.

Beyond direct tax advisory, Sandra excels in her role as a Relationship Manager. In this capacity, she extends her impact by identifying further opportunities that can benefit her clients. Sandra excels in bringing together diverse service lines and functions within Deloitte, orchestrating a comprehensive portfolio of services to address the broader business challenges and opportunities her clients face.

With a profound love for the sea, whether it be swimming, sailing, or simply relaxing by the water, this personal joy in nature reflects in how she manages her professional relationships—fluid, adaptable, and ever-refreshing. 

Sandra van Buren