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Hvordan mobilisere immune frivillige i krisetiden?

Deloitte er en av flere selskaper som har inngått et samarbeid med New & Company for å realisere plattformen - Wemunity. Plattformen tilrettelegger for koordinering og matching av behov og immune, for å avlaste helsesektoren.

Besøk nettsiden til Wemunity her.

Over 100 personer og aktører har engasjert seg - "kommunity" vokser fort med bidrag så langt fra blant andre New & Company, Nyby, Global Digital Library, Sanity, Netlife, Nabohjelp, Norce, VIS, Shortcut og Deloitte.

A platform for immunized volunteers

As the world is struck by the SarsCov-2 pandemic the Norwegian tech scene mobilized to explore an idea: Can we register the recovered citizens, and use the capacity of the immune to help the infected?

The question was last week asked in social media, and now more than 100 people have mobilzed in an open source initiative to answer it. Say hello to The Wemunity Project. The basic idea is an online platform where people that recovered from the corona virus disease can register - to help maintain critical functions in society and ease the job of burdened health professionals.

The recovered register with geolocation and relevant skills and experience (eg. driver licence class). The immune volunteers can offer different services of importance, such as transport assigments, homevisits and non-medical tasks in medical facilities. The idea is that government (or NGOs, if the public health care is lacking) can get access to the list of helpers. The helpers will be distributed in different local communities with different capacities. They can be called upon and used in situations and for tasks where extra hands are needed.

There are already, all around the world, established multiple local networks of citizens that help and look after eachother. In groups like this, the recovered could potentially serve functions of critical importance. The immune represent a surplus civic capacity that grow in line with the magnitude of the pandemic event. By creating a register of infidivuals this capacity can be strategically utlized.

The key question is of course whether immunity is acquired, and whether immunity can be clinically confirmed with accuracy. The helpers should be approved by health professionals according to diagnostic criteria, ideally by some sort of test - as many go through the infection with no or very mild symptoms.

There are many questions, both legal and clinically in the project. The platform will by definition carry some personal health data, and this is heavily regulated, especially in the EU. We need to be sure that the people that are cleared out as immune helpers are actually immune - and not carrying the virus. The research so far we read that blood test for antibodies may be widely available within the near future. As this is a virus to all of us, maybe we should identify the people that are checked of the danger zone, not only looking for the infected?

In the project we need academic expertise, doctors with field experience, legal experts, UX designers and developers to work alongside each other. The project is in its initial phase, but we hope to validate the idea fast - and create an open source solution that could be useful in dealing with the ongoing and future viral outbreaks.

The project was initiated by New & company and Deloitte Digital. It is currently supported by, Nyby, Nabohjelp and Netlife. The project is looking for both technical, clinical and financial support to get of the ground.

Please feel free to join the community.

Contact person:
Anders Waage Nilsen
+ 47 918 14 356

Wemunity Project

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