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Norwegian shopping center survey 2019

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to publishing news about the dire straits for physical shopping; about withering retail shops, dwindling profits and, not least, fears of what will happen when Amazon comes to Norway. What about Norwegian shopping centers – just how deep is this crisis? Are we on the brink of the first shopping center bankruptcy in modern times?

Norway is the European country with the most square meters of shopping center space per inhabitant. Shopping centers account for as much as 35 percent of retail trade. On a national basis, turnover in the shopping centers has risen by 1.2 percent so far this year. Despite this growth there are predictions that we will see Norway’s first shopping center shutdown already in 2019.

Is the situation really all that bad?


About the Norwegian shopping center survey 2019

Deloitte has conducted a survey among Norwegian consumers across regions and generations. The results, especially among the younger generations, who after all are the future customers of the shopping centers, tell us a slightly different story. In this report, we look at the main findings of Deloitte’s Shopping center survey.

1170 Norwegians have responded to the online survey in 2019. The analyses are performed with the weighting of respondents by gender, age and region. The survey was conducted by Norstat, an independent Gallup agency. It is based on the corresponding survey by WD Partners in the United States.

Overall, our findings lead us to believe that shopping centers could emerge stronger from the turbulent period we can glimpse on the horizon. The obvious backdrop has changed consumer needs and behavior. Based on the underlying trends and altered buying behavior, there is a definite need for fresh ideas. The key to success lies in the shopping centers' ability to adapt and change in line with local needs and conditions.

Norwegian shopping center survey 2019

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