Deloitte Digital’s rig portfolio optimization tool can save millions of dollars

Deloitte launches its first industrial app, Rig, on DNV GLs new IoT-platform Veracity

Deloitte Digital Norway is launching a rig portfolio optimization application, called Rig, which will be made available for the market on DNV GLs new IoT-platform, Veracity. This marks the beginning of a collaboration between Deloitte and DNV GL, which will contribute towards the continuing digitalization of the oil and gas industry.

We are delighted to welcome Deloitte to Veracity and our rapidly growing ecosystem of applications, services and data. We facilitate secure and trusted connectivity between industry players, and we are very happy that such a strong player as Deloitte now adds additional value to our ecosystem, says Bjørn Tore Markussen, Head of Veracity by DNV GL.


Veracity is a cloud-based market place where suppliers of data and connected services can engage to find new solutions on acquiring, preparing and utilizing data for analytics and benchmarking. On Veracity, companies can combine their own data with other data sets available for purchase or subscription, to create new insights or solutions.

Deloitte is launching a new industrial app on this platform, which can provide oil and gas companies with a tool to optimize rig portfolios:


"Rig" is the very first industrial app solution from Deloitte Digital, and marks a milestone in the development of how Deloitte builds and markets solutions within this industry. It is also the first application we place on an open market place. We believe in the Veracity platform, that is why Deloitte Digital is launching our first application on Veracity. I believe this is the first of many to come, says Bjørn Tore Kristoffersen, Partner in Deloitte.


Developed on commission for market leading client

Deloitte Digital started developing the app on commission for, and in cooperation with, an exploration and production leader in the Norwegian market this past spring. Deloitte owns the rights to the application.


We created Rig to provide oil companies with a tool to manage their entire rig portfolio in one place, allowing everyone in the company to view the rig schedule at a glance, says Karine Storaker Braaten, leader of Deloitte Digital Norway.


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Effective scheduling can save millions

Other rig and well planning tools are typically developed by engineers for engineers, while Deloitte Digital has a more user-centric approach. The application is developed with basis not in the technical flowcharts, but mapping user needs and typical well and rig planning issues, and then developing the service from there.


What separates this rig scheduling application from other tools is the great user experience. The development of this tool is based not only on the needs of the rig planner but also other internal stakeholders. This is a game changer, says Braaten.


The application gives a quick overview of whitespace, offering transparency for all stakeholders and enabling the optimization of the rig transfer plan. As a result, millions of dollars can potentially be saved.


About the rig scheduler

Rig is a cloud based tool that enables easy optimization of rig portfolios throughout the well construction process - from availability/suitability in the early phase to elimination of waste in the execution.

Functionality highlights:

  • Edit and change the placement of wells with the simple drag and drop functionality. Rig will automatically adapt and optimize the wells and reduce whitespaces accordingly, saving time in the optimization processes.
  • Rig integrates with other enterprise solutions through your business entity application programming interfaces (API’s) (e.g. well planning, asset activity planning etc.)
  • Automated distribution to all stakeholders and electronic approvals.

To learn more, please visit Veracity Marketplace and see the Rig teaser below. 

Rig - A rig portfolio optimization tool from Deloitte Digital

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