Future of work in the context of energy

Video: Deloitte at ONS 2020 with Johannes Wiik and John Hagel

Oil and gas companies are increasingly announcing that they are ‘going green’ . But how will they solve the challenge of transforming their business model from fossil fuels to renewable energy? If we apply learnings from Silicon Valley, these companies will not succeed without a clear ‘zoom-out’. Watch the video recording here.

In our recent discussion on the future of energy, Ramez Naam pointed out that the energy industry could enable more radical innovation by learning more from Silicon Valley. On the question of how large oil and gas companies could transform, he recommended talking with Singularity University colleague, a globally recognized expert on the subject of corporate transformation.

John Hagel has nearly 40 years of experience from working in Silicon Valley, before co-founding Deloitte’s Center for the Edge over ten years ago. He has helped top executives from several of the largest companies in the world shape a transformative strategy for their company.

As part of the ONS 2020 Digital Program, Johannes Wiik, lead partner for Energy & Resources in Deloitte Nordics, gives Hagel the challenging question: How can leaders in the energy industry balance finding new business models while at the same time driving their existing business model?

Watch the video recording below.

A Silicon Valley perspective on the energy industry

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