Field Operations

Getting the building blocks for a safe and efficient operations in place.

Designing and Implementing the key elements of Operational Excellence

Field Operations Philosophy and Plan
  • Ensure aligned ambitions and establish proven steering principles
  • Implement best practice planning hierarchy and processes
The Foundation
  • Implement best practice operational processes down to the very lowest activity level
  • Establish organizational model based on processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Perform risk identification and calibration of each specific process and activity
  • Ensure fit for purpose infrastructure (Systems, tools and data)
  • Facilitate structured business process training programs (mindful compliance)
Measure, Align and Govern
  • Establish structured and transparent KPIs with clear ownership and reporting responsibilities
  • Implement Production Efficiency (PE) management with effective loss control handling
  • Develop coherent structure for coordination, evaluation and performance meetings
  • Establish Best Practice annual business planning cycle

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Johannes Wiik

Johannes Wiik


Johannes is the lead partner for Energy & Resources in Deloitte Nordics, and partner in Deloitte’s global offshore oil and gas Centre of Excellence with main focus on production, drilling and wells an... Mer

Trond Bendiksen

Trond Bendiksen

Director and Leader Operations segment

Trond Bendiksen has significant international experience within Operations both as Offshore Installations Manager and Unit (asset) Manager. Trond has worked as Senior Operations Advisor for a number o... Mer