Oil & Gas Consulting

Your preferred partner in building the foundation for a high performance oil and gas business

Deloitte O&G Consulting works every day together with key players in the industry to implement and improve their “organizational infrastructure” and culture, creating top performing organizations.

Our experience of high performing organizations in this industry is that they are characterized by:

  • defined delivery models and work processes
  • clear roles and responsibilities
  • mindful compliance (in all minds, in all we do, on all levels)
  • understanding and measuring the key drivers for risk and value creation
  • a well structured planning, execution, evaluation/prioritization and readjustment process (PDCA)
  • an established root cause culture focusing on training and day-to-day improvement activities

Some of the typical challenges we address together with our customers are:

  • handling high activity, controlling cost, competence and resource challenges in D&W operations
  • Field Development – robust and predictable delivery
  • operating model to suit field operations life cycle
  • root cause culture and continuous improvement - from ambition to day-to-day operative actions
  • mindful compliance - training and behavioral standardization to mitigate risks in day to day operations
  • organizational infrastructure – ensure alignment between process design and organizational structure.

Deloitte Oil & Gas team will provide:

  • a combination of strong core O&G industry experience and subject matter/discipline expertise with management consulting skills
  • a continuously updated Best Practice O&G specific «off the shelf» toolbox containing products ready for client-adjustment and implementation (instead of developing all from scratch)

We will continue to grow and strengthen our Oil & Gas practice over the coming years.



Svenn Erik Edal

Svenn Erik Edal


As a partner in Deloitte Norway, Svenn Erik has significant strategic and operational experience in the auto, chemical, utility, and oil and gas industries. His core motivation is to improve safety an... Mer