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2021 - M&A Consumer Sector Report

“The level of M&A activity in the Nordics has risen considerably in 2021 compared to 2020, within the consumer segment. Consumer businesses have swiftly recovered and changed strategic focus to meet the demand from shifting market dynamics. 

2021 cannot be summarised without mentioning Covid-19. While reactions varied across borders, the pandemic generally disrupted the market and society, seemingly overnight in 2020, and a market dip followed. Subsequently, the industry recovered quickly, while key long-term trends accelerated at an unprecedented pace. This uplift, combined with global supplier issues, especially related to Asia, triggered out of stock issues and a significant increase in shipping costs and more complex logistics for retailers.

Following a strong development in trading valuation, the Nordic consumer index had a correction through 2019 and a further dip in 2020, due to Covid-19. Trading valuation levels have since rebounded and, following a strong end to 2020, the index has continued developing positively in 2021.

Transaction volumes across the Nordic consumer industry have picked up after a naturally slow 2020. Significant uncertainty in the early stages of the pandemic led to a slow M&A market, with a strong pick-up thereafter. 2021 had the highest deal volume over the last five years with increasing deal volume in all the Nordic countries.”


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