Human Capital Trends 2019

Leading the social enterprise: Reinvent with a human focus  

Thousands of business leaders and human resources professionals around the world, including almost 500 respondents from the Nordic countries, have participated in the latest Human Capital Trends Survey.

Our 2019 study revolves around the social enterprise. Leading the social enterprise requires nothing short of full-scale reinvention. In the face of disruptive social, political, and economic forces, organizations must put humans at the center of their business strategies and bring meaning back to the workplace.

Global results compared to Nordic results reveal a difference in how companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are meeting trends that effect their workforces. Are Nordic business leaders paving the way, or lagging behind?

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The Future of the Workforce

The future of the workforce provides insights on how the workforce is changing and how your business can adapt, by diving into 3 main trends:

  • Alternative work has gone mainstream
  • From jobs to ‘super jobs’
  • Developing 21st century leaders

Are Nordic leaders paying enough attention to alternative workforces?

More than 80% of global business leaders believe there are new and unique requirements for 21st century leaders. However, we see some differences when comparing the expectations to 21st century leaders in the Nordics and globally: 47% in the Nordics consider “driving digital and business transformation” as one of the most important roles for future leaders, compared to 35% globally. 

Download a chapter infographic of "The Future of the Workforce".

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The Future of the Workforce

The Future of the Organization

The future of the organization provides insights on how talent demands are changing and shaping the future of work, by diving into 3 main trends:

  • From employee experience to human experience
  • Organizational performance: It’s a team sport
  • Rewards: Closing the gap

A higher percentage of Nordic teams are “virtual” and “cross functional”

33% of Nordic organizations operate mostly team-based, compared to 25% globally. A higher percentage of teams in the Nordics are “virtual” and “cross functional” compared to overall results globally. And 64% of Nordic leaders believe that the biggest challenge in moving to a team-centric or network-based model is the fact that leaders do not know how to operate this model.

Download a chapter infographic of "The Future of the Organization".

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The Future of the Organization

The Future of HR

The future of HR provides insights on the main trends within HR and how these will affect your business, by diving into 4 main trends:

  • Accessing talent: It’s more than acquisition
  • Learning in the flow of life
  • Talent mobility: Winning the war on the home front
  • HR cloud: A launch pad, not a destination

Automation in HR seems to be more important in the Nordics

In the Nordics, 71% believe that more automation will be central to changes in the HR functions compared to 56% globally. When asked what will have the greatest impact on the evolution of HR, Nordic business leaders primarily choose “Digital HR”, “Pace of change” and “Automation”.

Download a chapter infographic of "The Future of HR".

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The Future of HR

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