Workforce strategies for a post pandemic recovery

 COVID-19 Recovery: Report and Workbook

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and business leaders around the world have been compelled into unprecedented lockdowns and stay-at-home measures in an effort to curb the spread and enormous health impacts of this virus. As global efforts begin to show signs of progress, countries and businesses alike are beginning to cautiously shift their focus towards the recovery phase.

HR leaders have been at the center of many organizations’ rapid responses to this crisis, playing an integral role in keeping their workforce engaged, productive, and resilient. In Deloitte’s latest global publication, Workforce strategies for post-COVID-19 recovery, we outline critical actions across five pillars that

HR leaders should prioritize as they advance towards recovery:

  • Reflect on what has worked, what has been learned, and what has been missed in response efforts, with a goal to bring in different perspectives, voices, and leaders to chart a path forward.
  • Recommit to workforce well-being and purpose through a focus on physical, psychological and financial concerns—at home and in the workplace.
  • Re-engage and redeploy the workforce to maximize their contribution and potential for rapidly evolving organizational priorities.
  • Rethink work, workforces, and workplaces, leveraging the experiences of the COVID-19 response and the opportunity to accelerate the Future of Work.
  • Rebooting means realigning the HR function and people operations with the most pressing business and workforce priorities and pivoting towards exponential HR.

Workforce Strategies for Post-COVID Recovery

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Workforce strategies workbook for post-COVID-19 recovery is a companion piece to our global report, and provides a framework to help HR leaders plan for what they need now to maintain business continuity, while anticipating future demands, so they can take advantage of opportunities to reflect, recommit, re-engage, rethink, and reboot within their organizations.

We encourage you to read these pieces to learn more about steps your organization can take to help bridge the crisis response to a path of recovery. And use our Workforce strategies workbook for post-COVID-19 recovery to help plan the foundation to be able to thrive in the aftermath of the crisis.

Workforce Strategies Workbook

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