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On the Board's Agenda | Juni 2015

In today’s business world of new advancements and shifts in technology, globalization and demographics, boards face the challenge of ensuring their organizations are effectively and appropriately aligning themselves to succeed in this “new world of work.” On the board’s agenda is a series of articles set to be released every 6-8 weeks and will share insights on how boards can surge their organizations forward both cohesively and successfully while facing the challenges of today. Each issue will examine a single topic in detail, and will include the perspectives of a Deloitte professional with deep expertise in the subject matter as well as the views of an experienced external expert on the topic.

Private company governance: Independent board members can be a valuable resource for private companies

Private company owners should consider the benefits of having independent board members. They can be a valuable resource for a private enterprise, bringing diverse perspectives, knowledge and experience to the boardroom.

In this issue...

Marcelo Rivero, who sits on several private company boards in Mexico, and Daniel Aguinaga, Partner, Corporate Governance and Sustainability, Deloitte Mexico, look at how private companies can benefit from having a board, the role of independent board members, the different types of board structures, and the importance of transparency and reporting.

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Base Erosion and Profit Shifting: Is your organization ready for the global tax reset?

For organizations with multinational operations, BEPS and the global tax reset is much more than a tax issue—it is a business issue.

In this issue...

John Jarrett, Associate Director, ESG research at FTSE Russell and Heather Evans, National Managing Partner, Tax Deloitte Canada, discuss the biggest change to international tax practices in over a generation. For organizations with multinational operations, BEPS and the global tax reset is much more than a tax issue—it is a business issue that will require the input of the C-suite and the board of directors.

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Proactive engagement: Opportunity to build stronger relationships

Shareholders need information that enables them to understand an organization’s governance policies, performance, business objectives, and key risks. Good engagement practices with shareholders not only strengthens the trust and credibility with the company by keeping them informed, it also provides the board valuable feedback about shareholders priorities and concerns.

In this issue…

Abe Friedman, founder and managing partner at CamberView Partners and Deb DeHaas, National Partner, US Center for Governance, Deloitte LLP, lend their perspective on how companies can proactively engage shareholders to help build stronger relationships. Insights are offered on which shareholders to engage and when, as well as the importance of the approach in doing so.

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Næringslivet opplever i dag nye teknologiske fremskritt, og endringer innen globalisering og demografi. Styrer står overfor utfordringen om at deres organisasjoner tilpasser seg effektivt for å lykkes i en utfordrende hverdag.

«On the Board’s Agenda» er en ny serie med artikler som deler innsikt om hvordan styrer kan hjelpe sine organisasjoner fremover på en sammenhengende og vellykket måte, samtidig som man takler dagens utfordringer. Hver utgave behandler ett bestemt emne i detalj, og inkluderer synspunkter fra en Deloitte-medarbeider med ekspertise innen temaet. I tillegg inkluderes perspektiver fra en erfaren direktør utenfor Deloitte.

Denne utgaven fokuserer på styrets rolle i forbindelse med talentstyring. Artikkelen tar for seg våre eksperters syn på emner som styrets rolle i suksesjonsplanlegging, behovet for Human Resource Appetite Statement, kontinuerlig teknologisk utvikling og arbeidsstyrkens demografi.

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