SAF-T rapporteringsløsning


What Kind of SAF-T Reporting Solution Should I Choose?

Your ERP system may not do the reporting job for you

Companies face several possible SAF-T reporting solutions but choosing the right solution requires in-depth knowledge of the SAF-T standard, the company’ system architecture and existing financial processes.

The decision should not be made without a thorough assessment.

The SAF-T solution companies choose will form the basis for implementing changes in the company’s IT architecture; changes the entire organization will have to relate to for years to come. Various approaches include:

  1. Use the functionality of the system developer
    Several system developers have communicated that they want to make reporting functionalities for SAF-T
  2. Build your own report functionality in the ERP system
    Self-developed reporting functionality that takes into consideration your company’s existing system architecture and financial processes.
  3. Build your own reporting functionality outside the ERP-system
    Self-developed, dedicated SAF-T reporting solutions or self-developed data warehouses with SAF-T functionality.
  4. Use Add-On-module from system developer/ third party
    For some ERP systems Add-on-modules from individual third parties are being developed.
  5. Use third party reporting tools
    Third party SAF-T reporting solutions, such as Deloittes taxCube™ SAF-T
  6. Outsource the SAF-T reporting process to an external provider
    Outsource all or part of the SAF-T reporting process to external providers.

We have the expertise to assist with choosing the right solution, develop conceptual design for implementation of the chosen solution, and can demonstrate Deloitte’s own reporting application, taxCube™ SAF-T; an example of a third party reporting solution. 

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