Norwegian Standard Audit File – Tax (SAF-T) from 1 January 2020

The Ministry of Finance have decided that SAF-T will be voluntary until January 1, 2020, at which point it will become mandatory to deliver on SAF-T format for all bookkeeping entities (i.e. subject to the Bookkeeping Act). It is our understanding that only information booked starting January 1, 2020 need to be included in the SAF-T file.

It follows from the new provision that those subject to keep accounting records electronically shall submit their accounting information on a standardized format decided by the Tax Authorities. This also includes all those who fall under the exceptions from maintaining electronic records but nevertheless keep electronic records.

The wording in the bookkeeping regulation is slightly altered from the original proposition sent to hearing. In addition, the Ministry of Finance have added that there in special circumstances can be made exceptions to the requirement, including deadline extension for delivering on SAF-T format. This can be seen in connection with some of the consultation responses where it was asked for an extended deadline to deliver on SAF-T format for those going through ERP implementations.

The SAF-T format remains unchanged from what was published by the tax authorities in March 2016 and updated in July 2017, available here:

Our experience with SAF-T implementations in Norway is that it can require everything from only a few months to almost a year. We recommend that you already now plan for the upcoming requirements, including activities such as implementation, validation and testing. Read more about how we can help you.

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