SAF-T imlementering


How Do I Implement SAF-T Reporting Functionality in My Business?

After a business has chosen their SAF-T solution, it will often be necessary to complete an implementation process.

Such a process will vary in extent depending on the chosen solution and company size but will demand involvement from both the IT- and finance department

Necessary preparations for a SAF-T implementation is: 

  • Data validation: Assess the availability of all SAF-T elements in the company’ systems
  • Development of a new system design: An overview of how the company’ systems and processes will work after a successful SAF-T implementation.  

These preparations will result in a technical requirements specification that will act as a guidance document for the project team during the implementation process.

Lack of internal resources often make it challenging for businesses to make the necessary technological implementation or implement changes in the existing system architecture in order to be able to report in SAF-T format.

We experience that during a SAF-T implementation it is often required that multiple parallel initiatives are being carried out. The challenge of coordinating all the necessary initiatives across the organization demands a strong project unit that can keep track of the different workflows and ensure progress within the stipulated deadlines.

Deloitte has extensive experience of providing everything from assistance with preparation of requirement specifications to implementation support and project management.

Our market leading SAF-T experts and ERP specialists help with the implementation so that your business will have a smooth implementation, giving you better direction and control over reporting- and consequently reduced risk of error in reporting to the Tax Authorities.

Current services from Deloitte

  • Project management
  • Implementation support and system design
  • Data validation
  • Verification of standard Chart of Accounts and VAT codes. 
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