taxCube™ - Deloitte's Market Leading SAF-T Reporting Tool

Deloitte’s taxCube is a multi-country platform for SAF-T reporting that covers all countries using the OECD SAF-T standard. It offers a high degree of flexibility, robustness and user-friendliness.

It is built on the OECD SAF-T standard and can be rolled out to all relevant countries using this SAF-T standard as a basis for their electronic reporting.

taxCube ™ - Tax Reporting Solution: SAF-T

Why Deloitte’s taxCubeTM SAF-T:

Multi-country SAF-T compliance

  • it easily enables the company to provide SAF-T files compliant to the SAF-T requirements.
  • It is a multi-country and multi-location platform tool

No changes to existing systems

  • in most cases, the tool requires no changes to the existing ERP system
  • taxCubeTM can be configured in order to read data from system generated reports, both from files or by means of a web service or direct database connection
  • the application is highly customizable to fit the company’s system architecture and processes

Maintained and updated by Deloitte’s experts

  • the tool is constantly maintained by Deloitte’s Tax and SAF-T specialists with full help-desk support
  • the application is continuously developed to meet our clients’ needs and preferences


  • taxCubeTM is an easy accesible web-based application
  • the tool provides validation and visual presentation of the SAF-T-file’s content

Available for in-house operations and outsourcing

  • taxCubeTM can be hosted on the company’s own IT infrastructure or on infrastructure provided by Deloitte
  • Deloitte can operate the taxCubeTM on behalf our customers

taxCube™ key features

  • Importing and integrating data from multiple systems and formats
  • Data validation
  • Reports showing the SAF-T data
  • SAF-T XML conversion
  • Generating SAF-T files
  • Encrypting and sending SAF-T files to the Tax Authorities’ portal “Altinn”
  • Archiving SAF-T files
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