Consumers demand quality service at a low price, and they’re getting it – with one operator or another.

Telecom operators in the Nordics face challenges from regulation, high customer expectations and heavy competition. The need to invest in both next-generation radio access networks (5G) and the fibre optic backbone to support the radio access networks is paramount to remaining relevant to customers. Operators’ attempt to diversify the revenue base and differentiate themselves towards customers have included bundling devices and other services with the mobile contracts. What is the impact of these efforts on customer perception and behaviour?

Five highlights from the telco industry:

  1. Over 70 per cent of Nordic consumers have a post-paid mobile contract; 30 per cent have a phone on the contract as well.
  2. Predictable, low-cost network quality is very important to more than half of all mobile users.
  3. One quarter of the respondents switched mobile operators within the last year and a half; a fifth have never done so.
  4. Bundling services from mobile operators is decreasing in popularity, although home broadband tops the list.
  5. Finns want unlimited data plans, while Swedes bundle contracts and phones and have lower churn.

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Jonas Malmlund

Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications Consulting in Sweden and in the Nordics

+46 73 397 13 03

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