Industry Spotlight: Public Smartphone fails in citizen test

Nordic consumers use their smartphone to handle almost every digital task – except for public services. There seem to be unutilised potential here.

The Nordic countries are known for being some of the world’s most digitalised countries. We can handle almost any request online, whether it is applying for a visa or booking a doctor’s appointment.

This survey has shown that the smartphone is our preferred device, and therefore it would be reasonable to assume that citizens would use the smartphone for all these public-related tasks as well – but this is not the case. Interestingly, our survey finds that half of Nordic consumers never apply for government services through the smartphone.

Five highlights from the public industry:

  1. Half of Nordic consumers (49 %) never use the smartphone to apply for public services.
  2. Danes are the least likely to apply for services through the smartphone (59 % never do so).
  3. Only one-fifth of Nordic consumers use the smartphone to search for information on a governmental website.
  4. Females fill out forms via the smartphone more often than men.
  5. Young adults aged 18-24 are the group most active in interacting with government employees.

Curious to learn more about this topic? Download the full report and get our expert’s take

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Carsten Jørgensen

Partner, Nordic Public Industry Lead

+45 25 24 00 44

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