How to decarbonise your enterprise

Webinar recording - Sustainable Supply Chain Transformation

In the second installment of our webinar series on Sustainable Supply Chain Transformation, we present how some of the world’s largest companies are decarbonising their supply chains' operations with the goal of zero emissions by 2030 and 2050, as well as Decarbonisation Solutions - a cutting edge tool that facilitates that journey.

Companies all over the world are facing internal and external pressures in order to decarbonise. These are technological pressures from companies that one day may outcompete you; pressures from consumers whose preferences are changing; regulatory pressures that will affect all companies. And they are investor pressures from investors and boards who are changing their investor behavior. Our guess is that your organization is also being hit by one or even all of these pressures. And if not, it is soon to come. 

Michael Wood is Director and owner of Decarbonisation Solutions in Deloitte Australia, helping some of the world's largest companies - and governments - decarbonising their value chains.

In this webinar, Michael Wood shares his knowledge about:

  • The types of pressures that are causing organizations to decarbonise (including technological, consumer, regulatory, and investor pressures)
  • Decarbonisation Solutions, a groundbreaking tool to facilitate the decarbonisation journey
  • A case-study of actual decarbonisation pathways
  • What next?
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