Supply Chain Control Towers & Cognitive Automation

Webinar: Build resilience, reduce costs and plan ahead with end-to-end visibility

The need for end-to-end supply chain visibility and agility has grown over the years with the current situation proving this point. Global supply chains are severely disrupted by COVID-19 and the challenges stemming from capacity constraints, cargo restrictions and reduced production capabilities.

How can companies recognise, quantify and mitigate potential headwinds in the short term? How can they continuously track business issues from their symptom to their root cause, and trigger the right response?

Join us on 12 May at 16.00 CET as we introduce how a Cognitive Supply Chain Control Tower can manage, address and derive benefits through:

  • improving service levels and increasing margins
  • reducing inefficiencies though a lower cost-to-serve
  • minimising downtime by higher asset utilisation
  • improved ability to make end-to-end trade-offs
  • enhanced capability to mitigate risk and support business continuity

We will discuss which tools and guidance we used to help our client, a global player in the production and distribution of beverages, to ultimately gain real-time visibility over key components of their supply chain and improve performance across their supply network.

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Webinar: Supply Chain Control Towers & Cognitive Automation

12 May at 16.00 CET

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