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Phu Le Duong

Financial Services Expert


Phu Le Duong

Dronning Eufemias gate 14

0191 Oslo


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Phu has broad experience in banking, finance and the media industry. He has a strong digital background and experience from 14 years of strategy development and business development from industries in profound change.

Phu has extensive management experience from some of the most complex and demanding industries that have undergone major changes over the last decade. He has been part of building up positions for well-known brands like FINN.no, and recently VIPPS. He has extensive experience with the intersection of technology and business.

Phu has a strong interest in creating good customer experiences and has long experience of digital development. In addition, Phu has been responsible for strategic processes from several industries, which gives him a broader and valuable view of strategy and business development.

Phu Le Duong