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Stein Bjørnstad

Public Sector Specialist


Stein Bjørnstad

Dronning Eufemias gate 14

0191 Oslo


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Stein holds a PhD degree in economics (innovation and entrepreneurship). In the capacity of assistant professor at BI Norwegian School of management, he has taught innovation management in collaboration with UC Berkeley and done research on the emergence of new technological styles in offshore oil.

Stein is a rigorous, analytical problem solver and a skilled facilitator. His main line of work has been with a variety of public sector clients striving to act consistently in the face of uncertainty, reach out to users and customers and make better use of scarce resources. Recent strategy assignments span public transport, hospitals, shared services, labour market organization and education.

With an uncharacteristically broad methodological skillsets that bridges public and private sector, analytics and experimentation, soft skills and hard skills, Stein has an unusual advantage when facing unexpected and unforeseen problems. 

Stein Bjørnstad