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Dare to dream

Helping Finnish young people follow their dreams

We are all made of dreams. That’s the core message of the Dreams Forum in Finland – an inspirational youth festival that encourages young people to pursue their ambitions by finding their strengths and passions.

For the 2017 Dreams Forum – together with our long-term partner The Children & Youth Foundation and our client Nokia – we hosted nearly 1,000 young people and 100 teachers at Nokia’s business campus in Espoo. The festival’s many events and experiences were designed to encourage the kids to innovate, share, dream, work and have fun together.

How we helped

As well as taking on some of the practical aspects of running the event, we organised a youth workshop where Deloitte coaches facilitated discussion, shared their own experiences and offered encouragement.

The emphasis was on helping the children find their ‘thing’, so they can focus on their strengths as they shape their lives towards a happy and balanced adulthood.

The workshop itself was a visual and interactive journey where the kids first drew someone they admired and gradually worked their way towards identifying what things in life – no matter how small – gave them a sense of fulfilment and joy. The coaches helped them to believe in their uniqueness, and see how to use their strengths as a foundation for the future.

In their own words

The Deloitte coaches left their corporate personas at home and fully opened up to the kids. By giving examples of the challenges they’ve faced over the years and sharing their personal experiences, they hope to have played a role in the vital job of preparing the next generation for life as young adults.

We found the children to be an inspiration. Many were somewhat drifting in life, having not yet found their place or just needing a boost in self-esteem. They were very honest and unguarded in talking about their lives and dreams, often leaving the coaches smiling inwardly or overwhelmed by empathy. It was an honour to have been part of this vital festival, and we’re inspired by some of the feedback we’ve received.

The bigger dream

The Dreams Forum is part of Deloitte’s WorldClass programme – a global initiative designed to empower people to succeed in this rapidly changing world. WorldClass aligns Deloitte’s myriad local community efforts around a global ambition: to use our 250,000 people to create opportunities for others, through education, skills development and access to opportunity. The aim is to improve the futures of 50 million young people globally.


Stephanie Dobbs

Public Relations Manager

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