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Bringing blockchain to the certification industry

A partnership between Deloitte and global business assurance company DNV GL has led to the first live blockchain solution in the certification industry – and greater customer confidence in a digital age.

With its headquarters in Høvik, Norway, DNV GL operates across a range of sectors, including healthcare, and beverages, maritime, and gas, power and renewables, and in more than 100 countries. It certifies companies’ processes, products, facilities and supply chains to national and international standards.

In September 2017, thanks to collaboration between our teams in Norway and Ireland, DNV GL was able to transfer its 90,000 management systems, products and supply chain certificates to a private blockchain. Each one is digitally – and uniquely – tagged, traceable and safely stored, and the technology bars counterfeits. This adds an extra layer of security and transparency.

“DNV GL has spent over 150 years building trust and confidence in an analogue world, but this is a great way to do it in the digital world,” says Martin Bryn, our Lead Client Service Partner on the project. “By being the first to use blockchain technology in this way, the company is sending out a really strong message to the industry and its customers.”

Innovation without borders

The groundbreaking project was also our first live blockchain application globally and one of only a few outside of the finance industry.

Work began in mid-May and the technology was launched just a few months later. It was made possible thanks to a ten-strong virtual team that brought together our Norwegian account colleagues and specialists from our EMEA blockchain lab in Ireland.

The Dublin hub works closely with our other centres of excellence in digital, analytics and information management across Europe to develop solutions that challenge traditional thinking.

Manager Lisa Simpson explains: “It was a truly borderless project and we’re proud to have been involved. The client trusted us to work from Dublin while Martin’s team was on the ground in Norway. All the elements came together very well. It was also great to show what was possible in such a short amount of time.

“This was an example of thinking big but starting small – DNV GL has explored the technology and proved it works, now the potential is huge.”

“Blockchain is a decentralised and distributed ledger that lives on the internet and is immutable and tamper-proof. Because anyone in a network has access to the information stored there, and because it is immutable, it can be regarded as a ‘single source of truth'."

Lisa Simpson, Blockchain Lab Manager

A solution for success

For the client, this is just the first step in providing digital assurance and the plan is to continue using disruptive technologies to offer value to customers.

Renato Grottola, Global Digital Transformation Director at DNV GL – Business Assurance says: “To embrace a new technology like blockchain, choosing the right partner was one of – if not the most – important decisions we took. To prove to ourselves, and the industry in which we operate, the intrinsic value of blockchain, we decided to work with Deloitte.

“Being the first to adopt a working solution powered by blockchain gave us incredible exposure and a fantastic opportunity to move forward in exploring its use. We found, in Deloitte, not only a supplier but a reliable partner for possible joint ventures powered by this disruptive solution.”


Stephanie Dobbs

Public Relations Manager

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