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Robots, drones, virtual reality… all in a day’s work!

Inspiring futures in Switzerland

For a group of Swiss schoolchildren, we’ve helped turn science fiction into science fact.

In November 2017, Deloitte Switzerland participated in the Swiss national Future Day, which aims to spark interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Employees brought more than 50 youngsters aged 11 to 13 to our Zurich and Geneva Greenhouses to experience what a career in tech could look like a decade from now.

Trying the tech of tomorrow

The action-packed day captured young imaginations and showed just how exciting STEM can be.

A hands-on programme saw children flying drones, driving robots through mazes and enjoying an introduction to coding, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. They also had a go at programming, news reporting and video editing.

Uday Mehta, a director in Financial Advisory, says: “We used gadgets that were futuristic, educational and fun. For example, we chose Lego robots that allowed the children to learn interactive visual programming. Another robot called Sphero taught them about physics and mechanics, including how acceleration and friction affect motion.”

Encouraging enthusiasm for STEM

Organising the event called for collaboration across Switzerland and brought together a team of 20 Forensic, Risk Advisory and Human Resource colleagues. The children spoke a variety of languages, so it required multilingual volunteers who could make them feel at ease.

Deloitte’s Future Day was voted a huge success by all involved. We were delighted to see attendee numbers more than quadruple compared with the previous year.

“Programmes like this matter in the tech-driven world, which is changing at an incredible rate,” adds Nic Carrington, Managing Partner Financial Advisory. “Deloitte is taking a lead in helping to build interest in STEM education and the sheer enthusiasm of the kids throughout the day was a clear indication of the impact we have on society.”


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