NWE Impact Report

David Sproul's foreword

Bringing together more than 35,000 people in 10 countries to create Deloitte North West Europe (NWE) was a very proud moment for me. It made us a larger, stronger firm with a huge diversity of skills and experience that we can draw on to offer better services. It also means we can have a greater impact on our clients and society.

Bringing our impact to life

Launching our first NWE Impact Report makes me equally proud. It shows how our people are working across borders to help organisations from both the public and private sectors grow, innovate and respond to a challenging, fast-changing environment.

In tech we trust

Bringing blockchain to the certification industry

For example, we’ve combined expertise in robotics and data science to bring artificial intelligence to hospitals, so doctors can spend more time with their patients. Our colleagues from Financial Advisory, Tax and Consulting helped a major engineering group successfully close an industrial products acquisition spanning 55 countries. And this year our EMEA blockchain lab developed a first-of-its-kind blockchain solution for the certification industry.

Celebrating our people’s achievements

Many of these great stories came from our inaugural NWE Impact Awards, which celebrate the difference our people make. A significant number featured our WorldClass programme, which aims to empower 50 million people by 2030 through education, skills development and access to opportunity. My personal highlights include teams in Switzerland organising “Future Days” to inspire young people to pursue careers in science, technology, maths and engineering, and a cross-NWE team designing an innovation lab to come up with solutions to support the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Being part of the solution

Our firm, like all businesses, must play its part in addressing societal needs. From education and skills to economic growth and the environment, we can’t expect governments to resolve these global issues in isolation.

Challenging perceptions, changing lives

Creating an online hub to match refugees with potential employers

This year, for example, our volunteers took part in a hackathon to use coding to help predict the best course of treatment for leukaemia. Our teams have also created an online platform – FuturesHub - with the aim of connecting refugees with employers, educational opportunities and mentors.

How purpose can play its part

Increasingly, there’s an expectation from the public and our people that businesses like ours should be making a positive contribution to society. We’re working hard to be a true purpose-led organisation that uses its voice and knowledge to initiate and advance debate. While public trust in institutions remains fragile, and we experience increased scrutiny across our sector, we’re keen to contribute to discussions on how professional services should evolve, and in particular the future of audit.

Making a difference

I hope this report shows all our stakeholders – from our people and future recruits to regulators, government, the public and our clients – the difference that we make. Having welcomed Deloitte Ireland into our NWE firm in June, I’m confident that we can achieve even more in the years ahead.

Senior Partner and Chief Executive

Senior Partner and Chief Executive