Stories across borders

North West Europe Impact Report

Everyone has a story to tell. With thousands of people working across more than 10 countries, we have quite a few ourselves.

We’ve gathered some of our best cross-border examples of how we’ve made a difference for our clients, people and society over the past year.

We hope they help you get to know us and inspire you to make your own story happen. Let us know if we can help.

There’s no such thing as business as usual anymore.

The world around us is moving fast. From tax experts to data scientists, our people have a wide range of skills and expertise to help our clients navigate change, build trust in critical institutions, and contribute to economic growth.

How are we supporting businesses to do what they do best?

The global shipping industry unites to embrace the digital age

Abu Dhabi launches new support for low-income families

24 hours inside a cyber attack with an incident response team

“For the first time in 20 years, the container shipping industry has come together with a common goal to move the industry into the digital era.”

André Simha, Digital Container Shipping Association

To make a difference you need to think differently

Our people are always looking to change things for the better. We help our clients innovate and experiment with new technologies to do just that. There’s no better motivation than seeing the impact they make.

How are we working with clients to innovate?

People in need are getting food faster thanks to blockchain

ING is empowering millions to take control of their money

New technology helps Save the Children mobilise emergency teams faster

European Commission uses data to improve public services across Europe

“We create as much data in two days as we did from the beginning of time until the year 2000. But how do public administrations use this information to shape policies and services for their citizens?”

Story excerpt, European Commission uses data to improve public services across Europe

This is what matters at the end of the day.

Businesses have a big part to play in resolving global issues. We know that what we do today can change things for the better. For the people we work with. For the communities we’re part of. And for the next generation.

How are we helping people move towards a better future?

Free coding workshops for women open doors to careers in technology

Helping to launch The Clean Kilo: the UK's largest zero-waste supermarket

Northern Ireland’s first robotics academy develops new skills

Volunteers help refugees in the Netherlands launch their own businesses

“Our lifestyle was already quite zero waste, but we wanted to cut down on plastic use and found it hard. [My partner] Jeanette had a vision of a supermarket without packaging that sells food like hotels serve breakfast cereals.”

Tom Pell, The Clean Kilo

That’s it. You’ve reached the end of our highlights, but there’s plenty more for you to explore. Read one of our 20+ stories, our CEO’s perspective or explore the countries in our network.