North West Europe Impact Report

Our purpose in action

"Deloitte North West Europe brings together the diversity of our people, their outlooks, their experiences and their entrepreneurship. By joining our ideas and our investments, we can deliver more innovative services to clients, and make a positive impact on our people and our society."

David Sproul, Senior Partner and Chief Executive, Deloitte NWE

It starts with one person.

Then another person. Now you have a team. And, before you know it, you’ve got 35,000 people across 10 countries working towards the same goal. Pretty powerful, right? We came together as one firm just over a year ago. It’s only the beginning.

The science of data

Using coding to analyse treatment for leukaemia

Small businesses, big ambitions

How businesses can make the world a better place

Challenging perceptions, changing lives

Matching refugees with potential employers

Dare to dream

Helping Finnish young people follow their dreams

And inspiration...

For many of us, inspiration comes from supporting our communities and doing what we do best. Applying our skills, our experiences and our global reach.

We have big aspirations. But it starts small – from helping young students get better opportunities to bringing people together to solve global problems.

Robots, drones, virtual reality… all in a day’s work!

Inspiring futures in Switzerland

... plus commitment.

Especially to our clients. We’re helping businesses stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive, fast-moving landscape.

Deloitte lights the way for international acquisition

Supporting ABB on its purchase of GE Industrial Solutions

And lots of hard work.

Planning, experimenting, trying, trying again, crowdsourcing, developing, innovating, evolving. Succeeding.

It’s what we do today to prepare our clients for tomorrow.

In tech we trust

Bringing blockchain to the certification industry

A seed of an idea…

Using tech to transform agricultural productivity

Connected by care

How the Internet of Things is transforming healthcare

What will tomorrow bring?

We’re providing confidence in the market, defending companies from cyber threats, developing the leaders of the future and building trust in business.

Who knows what the future will bring? But whatever it may be, we have a purpose that we’re putting into action. We’re ready.

All hands on deck

Supporting Maersk as it recovers from a global cyber attack

Leading 4 The Future

Creating a leadership development programme for DNB

Bridging the GAAP

Our cloud-based solution helps clients keep up to date with key accounting regulations