Posted: 17 Oct. 2019

A day at Deloitte in... Audit & Assurance

Name: Kenji Boekholt

Role: Analyst

Department: Assurance and Advisory

Office: Christchurch

Time worked at Deloitte: 9 months

University degree: Economics & Accounting at the University of Canterbury


Most of days start with travel; Queenstown, Napier, Blenheim or even Sydney can be on the list of destinations. Often you find yourself in a new environment, a new office, a fresh view and a whole new business to understand. At times this may all seem overwhelming but this is where help comes into it all.

The audit team in Christchurch are a team in every sense and coming in as a graduate we have a lot of contact with the entire team, from our grad group through to the partner group. Feedback is direct and a helping hand is always close by.


The morning passes by at pace, so by this time we’re fully immersed in our work. Our work is adapted to each different job’s processes, structure and time allocation. Normally as a grad you’re allocated the classic “Grad 5” – Revenue, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Receivable and Employee Entitlements. However in the smaller teams in Christchurch we are given a rare opportunity to step up and undertake more significant and challenging aspects of the audit. This can be challenging and result in a greater work load, but hey, you get that on the big jobs.


Lunch is always a great chance to get out and explore. Being on the road, we develop strong ties with the people we work with, so heading out to find a new lunch spot or having the occasional night out is of high likelihood. Lunch is normally brief, but fresh air is important before we go back to the boardroom.


This is how a day in the life wraps up - the laptops are closed and we part ways. When asked “what is a typical day in the life of an auditor?” the response is never really with a solidified end point. Why? Because no day is the same, or even slightly similar in the Christchurch office. New locations, differing business strategies  and new challenges result in an ever-evolving workplace in which to cut your teeth.

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Kenji Boekholt

Kenji Boekholt

Analyst - Audit & Assurance

Kenji Boekholt is an Analyst in our Audit and Assurance team.