Posted: 14 May 2020 03 min. read

A day at Deloitte... in Private

Name: Amy Oldham

Role: Consultant

Department: Private

Office: Auckland

Time worked at Deloitte: 18 months

University degree: Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law)


I like to start my day by heading to the gym to fit in some pre-work exercise. Today, I went to a Les Mills GRIT strength class.


I live in East Auckland and catch the ferry into the CBD. This takes about 45 minutes and is a perfect time to have a coffee and catch up on some Netflix.


I get to work at around 8:15. The first thing I do is check my emails and plan out my work for the day. I then head to the kitchen to make a coffee and have a quick chat with my team.


I am about to begin preparing the financial statements and income tax returns for a group of privately-owned New Zealand companies. I go through the information provided by the client, and then discuss any questions I have with my manager. We then call the client to further discuss some areas of the job, which is a great way to build client relationships and better understand the way their business operates.


One of our team goals is to go out for a coffee together once a week. We head to our local café and discuss how our weeks are going.


I continue with my work from this morning, using Xero to prepare the financial statements and then Taxlab to prepare the tax returns. Once I have prepared a draft set of documents, these go through a review process with the manager and then the partner. When the documents have been finalised, the client often comes in for a meeting so we can discuss the work we have done.


It’s lunch time so I head to a restaurant with some of my team. As I am in my second year at Deloitte, I’m a ‘buddy’ to a new graduate. This means I help them transition into life at Deloitte and answer any questions they have. My buddy comes with me, along with the other buddies from my team.


Lunch is done and I’m ready for a busy afternoon. In Private, we work closely with business owners to help grow their business and their wealth. This involves doing some financial forecasting and modelling work. We then meet with the client to discuss the insight we have gathered and advise how they can use this to determine a business strategy. I also take part in one of a series of workshops organised by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, supporting small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand as they work to recover from COVID-19.


Today is firm drinks which happens once a month. Each service line takes turns organising the event, which involves choosing a theme, arranging decorations, drinks and snacks. It’s a great time to catch up with colleagues in different teams and different service lines, and is a nice way to end the week. 

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