Posted: 17 Feb. 2020

A day at Deloitte in... Tax

Name: Denver Ingram

Role: Consultant

Department: Tax

Office: Wellington

Time worked at Deloitte: One year

University degree: Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting) from Victoria University of Wellington


If it's not raining I'll get up at the first round of my alarm. I leave my flat in Northland around 7.00am to walk to work with whichever flatmates are also en route. It's a 40 minute downhill stroll to the Wellington office with views out over the city and generally some Kererū sightings to report to the Great Kererū Count.


When I get to the office, I make tea and have a five minute read of the paper - both supplied all day, every day (along with crackers and fruit, the crackers don’t last long though!).


I spend the first part of the morning running admin, which involves working out what needs to be done for the day based on new emails and workflows from yesterday.

In my team we work across a few different areas - indirect tax, tax policy, individual compliance and Global Employer Services so we tend to have a range of things to do each day rather than big, ongoing projects.


One of the things I’m working on is the final assembly of an individual return. This has been in progress for the last month between myself, one of our summer interns and a senior consultant and it’s now ready to package up for review.

The return has involved foreign investment funds, financial arrangements in various currencies, dividends, investment portfolios, depreciation schedules and a handful of other income sources.

The next step is collecting up the various calculations and source data and inputting it in to the software we use to prepare returns. The return and supporting documents will be sent through multiple stages of review before going out to the client for signing and finally filing with Inland Revenue.


There's a voluntary Wellness Wednesday walk on at lunch time for the wider Tax team. We head up Tinakori hill to the Stellin Memorial – as you can see, can’t beat it on a good day.


For the afternoon, I'm finishing the first draft of a risk report for an overseas client from a direct and indirect tax perspective.

We’re providing advice relating to areas of risk for the company – so for example, where they may have New Zealand filing obligations based on information they have provided about their activities here. We need to assess the information provided and consider what obligations may arise under our legislation.

The focus of this work is more fact-finding and legislative interpretation than actual numbers. Getting a mix of number and text-based work like this was part of the appeal of a role in Tax for me and having a variety of clients keeps things interesting.


We've finished work for the day and my team heads out for an event organised by our two summer interns. We have these each quarter, usually something like mini golf followed by food. Tonight we are going straight for the food option and walking up to The Arborist for dinner and drinks, a welcome mid-week break.

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Denver Ingram

Denver Ingram

Consultant - Tax

Denver is a Consultant in the Tax service line focusing on indirect tax, tax policy and Global Employer Services.