Posted: 16 Nov. 2020

Casting a spotlight on 20 years of Deloitte Fast 50 alumni

As part of the 2020 Deloitte Fast 50, we’ve been privileged to talk to some of New Zealand’s leading entrepreneurs for our blog series. From the leaders of clothing brands to drilling companies, all of our fantastic interviewees have built companies that have not only survived but thrived.

We wanted to know what unique strengths enabled them to overcome challenges and opportunities, as their businesses grew from the seeds of ideas to flourishing companies.

Catch up on the full series through the links below:

Learning the hard way: I Love Ugly’s journey from the top to the bottom and back again

Valentin Ozich, the founder of men’s streetwear brand I Love Ugly, sat down with us for a candid conversation about his company’s journey so far. It’s a fascinating story – starting with a meteoric rise to the centre of Los Angeles and the world of celebrity endorsements, I Love Ugly soon faced some significant challenges and had to completely rebuild its approach as a result. 

Greenwashing, be gone: Fast 50 companies with sustainability at their heart

It’s never been more important for companies to consider their own footprint on the natural world. However, for Fast 50 alumni Kowtow and Ecobags, that’s nothing new. They’ve embodied the importance of sustainability since their inceptions almost 20 years ago. We spoke to them about the unique challenges of building ethical and sustainable companies from the ground up.

Adapt to thrive: Night ‘n Day’s innovative 30-year journey

The businesses that last are the ones that embrace agility. Learning to change with the times is nothing new to Night ‘n Day, whose franchise spans three decades of growth. We spoke to General Manager Matthew Lane about the company’s innovative moves, from opening the first 24 hours store in New Zealand to growing a product line capable of fending off even the most versatile competitors. 

Inspiring loyalty: Why profit and purpose aren’t mutually exclusive

It takes something special to turn a personal passion project into an international company with a devoted customer base – but that’s exactly what Cadenshae and Ethique have done. We spoke to their respective founders, Nikki Clarke and Brianne West, about how they’ve never lost the original purpose at the heart of their businesses, even in the face of significant growth.

A new reality: How digital agencies are responding to COVID-19

If we're going to remember 2020 for one thing, it’s the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses had to change dramatically, closing their physical premises and for many, adapting to a completely virtual world of work. We spoke to digital agencies Socialites and Zeald about their own experience – already deep in the virtual world, how did they adapt when the rest of the world moved fully online too?

Building a strong team: The construction companies putting people first

A company’s team of people is always the key to long-term success. Fast 50 alumni Chancellor Construction, North Drill and Cook Brother Construction take that mentality seriously, building strong and committed teams in the construction industry across New Zealand. We spoke to them about how their approach to supporting their workforce has helped them to thrive and grow.

You can also listen to our companion podcast series, featuring conversations with the founders of some of New Zealand’s best-known brands.