Posted: 20 Dec. 2021

2019 Master of Growth winner: GO Healthy

Health supplement group GO Healthy is a veteran of the Deloitte Fast 50 programme, proving time and time again that they’ve figured out the formula for sustaining significant business growth. After several years placing in the programme, this year they raced ahead of the competition to take first place on the Master of Growth index. Following the national awards, we spoke to CEO Scott Johnson about the win and the organisation’s plan for the year ahead…

Congratulations on your win! What does coming first on the Master of Growth index mean to GO Healthy?

It's a fantastic acknowledgement of a lot of hard work across the four businesses in our group. It's nice to know where we benchmark too, because sometimes I think we do take our business growth for granted. This win gives us a little bit of a reality check that what we now accept as a norm is actually quite unusual in comparison to the wider business world.

What prompted you to enter the programme this year? You’ve had quite the journey with the Deloitte Fast 50 – your group and its respective businesses has been on the Fast 50 index seven times and twice on the Master of Growth!

Well we've always had a long association with Deloitte, who have been with us for the whole journey and have been a big part of how we've got to where we are. It’s also just a good programme to be part of - from filling out the entry form to participating in the Festival of Growth, you learn a lot.

How did you find the Festival of Growth day?

I loved it. It’s always great to hear from the keynote speakers, who are obviously quite distinguished in their own right, and who always have golden nuggets in everything they say. The panel discussions also offer awesome learnings from people who are all grappling with the same kind of challenges.

What do you think have been the most important factors behind your sustained business growth? 

The biggest factor is getting the right people on board; that's the most important thing in any business. There's a lot of different aspects required to achieve that - the vision, purpose, culture. All of that goes into creating an environment where people want to be their best and do their best.

What is GO Healthy’s plan for the year ahead?  

Keep doing what we're doing, but keep challenging ourselves to do it better! Our next goal is to tap into Asian demand and we’ve already built some key foundation stones in the business as to how we'll do that, namely our customer value proposition. That has stayed the same, from back when we were a New Zealand-only business to when we expanded to Australia and China. The principle still applies whether you're in New Zealand or playing on a global stage. 

Watch our video interview with GO Healthy CEO, Scott Johnson, as he shares further insight into his company's Deloitte Fast 50 triumph...

Our 2019 Deloitte Fast 50 Master of Growth winner: GO Healthy