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Reskilling: Investing in resilience for uncertain futures

In celebration of the recent launch of our 2020 Global Human Capital Trends report, we are hosting a series of open webinars on each of the ten trends named in the report. The trends offer business leaders a path forward and a way to prepare for the future.  Each webinar features our New Zealand Human Capital practice leaders alongside local organisation leaders who share in-depth perspectives on the impact of each trend.

On June 22nd we discussed the trend ‘Beyond Reskilling: Investing in resilience for uncertain futures.’ ‘Beyond Reskilling’ is about shifting from an approach that is focused on uplifting employee skillsets to meet short-term demands, to one focused on embedding resilient capabilities into the workforce. That approach fosters employees’ ability to adapt to the fluid and dynamic nature of the wider market. The idea is to shift upskilling from being tech-centric to human-centric, embracing a relationship-based approach within the workplace.

This webinar was facilitated by Hamish Wilson, Deloitte Human Capital Partner, who introduced Philippa Jones, a Director in our Organisation Transformation Team.  Philippa led the discussion on the trend and its relevance in today’s global environment. She was joined by guest speakers Kate Selway, People and Capability Director, Jade Software, Pete Cordes, Learning and Development Manager, Deloitte, and Adrienne Sykes, HR Manager, Foodstuffs, who each provided valuable insight and examples of the work they have led to prepare their people and workplaces for a changing business environment.

Philippa noted that the trends research highlighted a readiness gap within organisations. Although many recognise the need to upskill in long-term capability building, most organisations are not yet ready to do so. Despite this, our research suggests a need for organisations to develop the skillsets and capabilities of their employees in order to create an adaptable workforce who can adjust to unpredictable circumstances. 

Kate Selway then shared Jade Software’s approach to this conundrum – creating the Jade Academy, a platform which allows Jade people to train their internal co-workers in areas of technology identified as future capability gaps. Jade developed the platform in order to avoid the need to repeatedly restructure to gain the required skills. In doing so, they grew their people capabilities internally, while also fostering a positive culture of personal growth and development. 

Pete Cordes spoke about the new Deloitte tool ‘Cura’, a platform designed to offer continuous learning opportunities by using machine learning to recommend personalised and timely content. The tool takes into account your role, what you are reading and viewing, what others suggest for you, who you are following, and what you “like” and share with others.  It then recommends learning opportunities that build personal and organisational capabilities.

Our third guest speaker, Adrienne Sykes, outlined the purpose and achievements of Foodstuffs South Island Leadership Academy. Their Academy has a focus on building leadership capability within the organisation so that management roles can be filled internally, while also creating a breadth of leadership capability across the business. The programme encourages self-identified learning where supermarket employees, Foodstuffs employees and employees of suppliers are given the opportunity to join.

Our webinar concluded with compelling discussions about the anticipation of trends, what capabilities may be required in the future, and attracting people with the necessary skillsets. The discussion also provided various perspectives on how organisations can value learning and offer rewards to people who further their learning and capabilities.

You can watch a recording of this webinar, and the others in this series, here. Find out more about the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends here, and reach out to the Deloitte New Zealand team if you would like to talk about how we can support your journey to reskilling.

Finally, you can register for our upcoming webinars to hear more from our Deloitte leaders and guests on actionable strategies and stories at the forefront of reinventing the future of work.

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Philippa Jones

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