Asia Pacific’s turning point

How climate action can drive our economic future

Decisions need to be made in the next decade to combat the worst impacts of climate change and accelerate economic growth.

Time is running out to act on climate change. But rather than climate action being a drain on our economy, our report shows it will significantly boost GDP and accelerate phenomenal growth in both New Zealand and Asia Pacific as a whole.

New Zealand stands to benefit from a US$47 trillion prize in Asia Pacific, our economic modelling reveals. But it’s only if the region decarbonises at pace and scale to prevent a US$96 trillion loss in the next 50 years.

With decarbonisation acting as a new economic engine, Asia Pacific and New Zealand play a key role in providing the skills, technology, innovation, and finance for this global transformation. There is a window of opportunity to lead the way by seeing climate action not as a cost, but an extraordinary possibility for growth in New Zealand and the region.

But we can only achieve this if we work together and act now - we are at a turning point.

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