2020 has been a year marked by turbulence and there has never been a more important time to reflect on governance in providing businesses with a strong compass.


Over two months in late 2020, Deloitte New Zealand interviewed 17 chairs representing 35 significant local organisations – 28 per cent of NZX 50 companies are represented and 20 per cent of the Deloitte Top 200 index for 2020. These chairs shared their experiences in navigating COVID-19, the role they played in supporting their organisations to respond and recover, and the lessons they’ve learned.


This report offers a snapshot of New Zealand’s business response to the COVID-19 pandemic – marking a point in time from which business will be able to reflect and consider their evolution in contrast to what may have been anticipated in pre-pandemic times.


Respond, recover, thrive


The report is structured to reflect on the three timeframes over which a crisis plays out, based on Deloitte’s COVID-19 Resilient Leader Framework:


  • Respond: Accelerated strategic change to respond to the crisis
  • Recover: Embedding change and restoring focus on other priorities
  • Thrive: Building resilience and opportunity for future success


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UK and Australia chairs' research reports

Alongside the New Zealand chairs' research project, similar research was conducted simultaneously by Deloitte firms in the United Kingdom and Australia. Click below to read the findings of these research projects for each region.


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