Environmental sustainability performance


Environmental sustainability performance

Understanding Deloitte’s footprint

Deloitte measures it environmental performances as means to understand opportunities for improvement.

Deloitte has had a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the past several years, and we have reduced our emissions by since our base year of FY09. In mid-2014 we started developing new GHG emission reduction targets from which to base our on-going initiatives.

Business travel makes up a large part (over 75%) of the Deloitte New Zealand GHG emissions, and is our hardest emissions source to reduce given that travelling to work alongside our clients is a core part of our day to day operations. We continue to explore video conference as a way to travel virtually to our clients and conduct internal exectuitve meetings through video conferencing.  When we do travel wo look at ways to do that more sustainably for example through Green Cabs and Air Bus.

We continually look to identify opportunities to further improve process and reduce consumption of vital resources. Our computers and laptops are not sent to landfills. Once they have reached their maximum lifespan, they are either donated to charity programmes, sold as second hand units or sent for recycling to ARK computers, an organisation that recycles computers and laptops. In FY14, our Computer for Charity programme gave 27 computers to charities and community organisations nominated by our people – an initiative that both links in with our goals to contribute to environmental sustainability as well as enable our people to make contributions to the community with direct personal involvement.

Paper is an area we continually strive to reduce consumption. We track and report on all printing across the different offices, service lines and at an individual level to further incentivise individuals to manage their paper use. We have introduced online document management in our internal functions, including People and Performance (including making all induction content online) and within Finance (payroll, expenses, ect) to minimise paper usage.  

Over the last few years, we have changed the location of each of our offices except Wellington. During each of these build and fit out exercises, we have taken the opportunity to ensure that sustainability is one of the key criteria when purchasing equipment. For instance, significant parts of the office fit-outs (e.g. desks, chairs, etc.) are recyclable. In addition, sustainability is part of the selection criteria when making Deloitte office location decisions, and we apply the same environmental standards to new office space as that applied to the Auckland office, which was awarded a 5 Star Green Star rating.

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