2021 Global Impact Report


Leaders lead by example.

That’s essential, especially when you’re in the business of auditing and advising other organizations. Credibility and trust are earned by practicing what we advocate; by consistently demonstrating Deloitte’s Purpose—to make an impact that matters for our people, Deloitte clients and communities; and by living our Shared Values.

Good governance and strategy are foundational to our ability to meet our obligations, deliver on our promises and serve the public interest.

All Deloitte stakeholders need us to run a sustainable and responsible enterprise that successfully manages risks and behaves ethically.

“Deloitte Global continues to be committed to supporting the UN Global Compact and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. We are optimistic about the future we are helping to build and excited to continue our shared quest of advancing business, people, communities and the world.”

—Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen

Deloitte clients count on us to maintain independence and confidentiality. They expect us to protect their information while leveraging innovative technologies to conduct high-quality audits or bring the best solutions possible.

Society depends on us to act in the public interest, to fight corruption and provide opportunities for those seeking a better life.

And our people expect us to promote their safety, enable their advancement, and create a fair and equitable workplace.

We measure and report on our progress in these areas not only to hold ourselves accountable, but also to transparently demonstrate the connection between responsible governance, conscientious management and operational success.

Deloitte is a leader because our leaders are committed to exemplary governance.