Humanitarian action

Accelerating innovation and cross-sector collaboration

The Deloitte network is committed to strengthening the humanitarian system and disaster response, and believes business has an important role to play in this ecosystem. Deloitte member firm professionals make an impact by collaborating across sectors, using their skills to co-create and implement innovative solutions, and contributing financial donations to crisis relief efforts.

About the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program

At Deloitte, we are committed to shaping innovations which are at the heart of change and progress.

Through the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program, the professionals of Deloitte member firms and humanitarian organizations co-create and implement solutions to the sector's most pressing challenges. By collaborating with local, national, and international humanitarian leaders – combining diverse skills and expertise – we enhance the ability of the sector to prepare for, and respond to, crises.

Applications for the 2014 Program are now closed.

Working with Oxfam New Zealand

In 2014, Deloitte selected Oxfam New Zealand to work with on a pro-bono basis as part of the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program. Oxfam New Zealand was selected from a large number of applicants as outstanding example of all that the Deloitte Humanitarian Innovation Program aims to achieve.

In 2014, Deloitte professionals are working with Oxfam to help shape a supply chain/logistics framework and management plans for disaster support and relief to the Pacific region. These plans will be critical in the next cyclone season.

Once this project is complete, Deloitte and Oxfam New Zealand will share the ideas and solutions developed so that the whole humanitarian sector can benefit from and scale them. 

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