Governing to increase impact

Applying our skills to upscale impact

At Deloitte we are increasingly focused on delivering real, sustainable solutions to the needs of our not-for-profit partners, moving away from a traditional philanthropy model to one of genuine partnership in which we use the talents and resources of the firm to maximize our impact. One of the ways we make use of our skills is through governance.

Deloitte professionals are applying their business skills to scale up positive social and environmental impact. A number of our people hold significant governance positions and in some cases have even founded organisations. Deloitte are committed to offering our people opportunities to support growth, develop skills, and reach goals. As a result, we believe that supporting our people to contribute to the social sector is critical to their growth and development.

Our people and governance:

Priya Singh: Founder of The Mentor Me Foundation

The Mentor Me Foundation is founded by Priya Singh, an Analyst from our Audit service line. Since its launch in 2014, the Mentor Me Foundation has been providing academic and professional development support to nine orphans from Fiji’s second largest orphanage, Dilkusha. The mentoring system is designed specifically to enhance the educational prospects and career opportunities of Fijian orphans. Fijian born, Priya explains "I’m very passionate about economic empowerment – I think everyone has the ability to achieve anything they dream of but sometimes people lack either the conviction or the opportunity. At the end of the day, all I am doing is using my time and skills to present these kids with an opportunity to have a dream and to have the support they need to realise it."

Divya Hariharan: CEO of P3 Foundation

The Asia Pacific is home to large number of people living in extreme poverty. Divya, a consulting analyst with Deloitte New Zealand, was exposed to this fact from an early age, being born and raised in Mumbai. This contributed to her commitment to address these issue through P3 Foundation. P3 Foundation is New Zealand’s leading youth movement whose vision is to see extreme poverty end within our generation. Divya joined P3 as a marketing executive officer and currently serves as the organization’s CEO.







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