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Meet our 35 new partners and directors

We’re making an impact in the market this year with the appointment of fifteen new partners and twenty new directors. This takes our complement of partners to 113 and directors to 41 in our firm of over 1,200. Each of these people bring a unique skill set to help you develop and grow your business and look forward to joining you on your journey.

Photographed above are some of our new partners: (left to right) Daniel Hellyer, Matthew Parker, Jenny Liu, David Webb, Ian Tuke, Silvio Bruinsma, Annamaria Maclean, Melanie Meyer, Alex Mitchell and Simon Chapman.


Silvio Bruinsma - Partner, Wellington

James Shepherd - Partner, Wellington

Heidi Rautjoki - Director, Dunedin


Grant Frear - Partner, Auckland

Damian Harvey - Partner, Auckland

Chris Herbert - Partner, Wellington

Christopher Boggs - Director, Auckland

Jeff Brandt - Director, Wellington

Jane Fitzgerald - Director, Auckland

Tracy McElroy-Rivett - Director, Christchurch

Chris Rodgers - Director, Auckland


Simon Chapman - Partner, Auckland

Matthew Parker - Partner, Wellington

David Webb - Partner, Auckland

Simon Buxton - Director, Auckland


Jon Bradley - Partner, Auckland

Daniel Hellyer - Partner, Queenstown

Christy Burgess - Director, Wellington

Lee Gray - Director, Wellington

David Jobling - Director, Auckland

Alex Wilson - Director, Rotorua



Ian Tuke - Partner, Auckland

Reenesh Bhana - Director, Auckland

Lorinda Kelly - Director, Wellington

Roopa Raj - Director, Auckland


Jenny Liu - Partner, Auckland

Annamaria Maclean - Partner, Auckland

Melanie Meyer - Partner, Wellington

Alex Mitchell - Partner, Wellington

James Arbuthnott - Director, Wellington

Hadleigh Brock - Director, Auckland

Jeanne du Buisson - Director, Auckland

David Johnston - Director, Auckland

Kriselle Robinson - Director, Wellington





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