2021 New Zealand Impact Report


At Deloitte we have a clear purpose and reason for being - to empower our people to make an impact that matters with their clients, teams, communities and with their own development. We are the largest global professional services and consulting network, with over 345,000 professionals in more than 150 countries and territories. Our organisation has grown tremendously in both scale and capabilities, yet our shared culture and mission remains unchanged. ​

Here in New Zealand, we are one of the largest professional services organisations with more than 1400 professionals, and we are also part of Deloitte Asia-Pacific, along with six other Deloitte firms in this region. We know that our position comes with influence.  Our scale and profile gives us the opportunity to actively participate in discourse around issues of national and regional interest and importance. We come to work each day to make an impact that matters.​



Our Shared Values - Ā mātou tikanga mahi​

Our shared values inform and guide our wider collective activity as people within a local member firm and unite us across the entire Deloitte network. These values drive consistency in the way we behave, make decisions and go to market as we work to make an impact that matters with our clients, our people and our wider communities.​

Why the birds?​

New Zealand has a strong connection to nature and native wildlife. As part of the process of personalising the values to New Zealand, we explored native bird characteristics, and looked to Māori myths and legends to guide the selection of native birds that best align with our shared values.​





Our Team​

Deloitte New Zealand has nation-wide reach with offices in cities around the country.  Flexible working means our people can support clients wherever they are, irrespective of office location.​

The core business unit teams in Assurance & Advisory, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory and Tax & Private are well supported by our Enabling Area professionals who ensure teams have the infrastructure, technology, information and support they need to deliver outstanding service.​

As of 31 May 2021, we had 134 partners including 33 women. As a collective team of 1418, Deloitte people generated over NZ$320m of revenue in FY21.​

Social Connection and COVID-19​

COVID-19 has been difficult for everyone to navigate and as we headed into the second year of the pandemic in New Zealand with the promise of vaccines we were feeling optimistic. But the year turned out to be a little rockier than expected. However, two things didn’t change – our focus on the wellbeing of our people, and our focus on serving clients with distinction.

We were fortunate that for large parts of the year our people were able to work in the office or at client sites, particularly in areas of the country where case numbers were low. But we also served clients from home when required and created a variety of different ways to maintain social connections, including virtual events and quiz nights where people received home deliveries of snacks and drinks. When offices reopened we provided coffee vouchers to our people to use at local cafes to help those who had been impacted by the loss of customers. Lastly and importantly, we created room for Friday afternoon “tools down”, recognising teams just needed time to relax and connect with things important to them as individuals.


Ongoing COVID-19 support to New Zealand's business community​

With New Zealand experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 in August 2021, Deloitte New Zealand continued to take an educational approach to COVID-19. We’ve had a continued focus on providing clear and concise guidance on the available business support from the Government. The eligibility criteria for business support payments frequently changed and left people confused about possible entitlements. We kept our clients up to date across eight rounds of the Wage Subsidy and seven rounds of the Resurgence Support Payment. We published numerous updates for clients and facilitated webinars and drop-in centres. We were also regularly in contact with the New Zealand media to answer, “reader questions”, including running a live blog.​

Robyn Walker, Partner, Tax​ & Private




Client story – Working with the Ministry of Health to protect us in our fight against COVID-19 ​

Since March 2020, Deloitte has been a key business partner to the Ministry of Health. Working closely with the team at the Ministry, our people have worked to set up and continually enhance various supporting systems, including contact tracking, border response and vaccination programs – all of which have placed New Zealand in a better position to manage COVID-19 outbreaks. As a result of the tremendous effort that the team has put in, we have helped to deliver a solid technological backbone that will support New Zealand’s health response going forward.  These efforts epitomise ‘making an impact that matters'.​

Kate Reid, Partner, Consulting​