2021 New Zealand Impact Report


Deloitte as a firm make a significant societal impact, and we encourage and empower our people to do the same. Despite the challenge of the pandemic and the difficulty of maintaining some community connections, we have still been able to continue and even create new opportunities for our people to make an impact .​

There are two areas of social contribution that are extremely important to us – creating visions of future pathways, and diversity, equity and inclusion.  That is why we have chosen to spotlight on separate pages how we work with young people and, how we help to further diversity and a sense of belonging.  ​

The page below showcases some examples of the different types of contributions that people make including volunteering, pro-bono work and via the Community Involvement Fund.​


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Supporting our communities​

Deloitte people support their local communities in a variety of ways – everything from traditional volunteering at retirement villages and food drives for City Missions through to working on pro-bono audit and advisory projects, including those that help impact-first organisations drive their progress.​

Our people nominate community organisations and/or projects they’re personally involved with to receive partial funding or fundraising-matching to help achieve their missions.​

Professionals also participate in secondary school visits to promote STEM  careers, provide mentoring in various settings, or act in governance roles for not-for-profit organisations.​

During the pandemic we delivered virtual internships for international students who were not able to attend in person.  We award scholarships to promising young professionals to support them in their school and work success, such as through the TupuToa partnership.​


The Impact Accelerator​

Our Impact Accelerator is designed for for-purpose enterprises and ventures that take a commercial approach to solving environmental and social challenges, and who are keen to measure and report their impacts.​

Through the Accelerator, we offer customised packages of professional services, a dedicated team and relationship manager, and access to mentorship and the broader Deloitte network.

Our people are keen to connect with and participate and developing the impact ecosystem by helping to build capability in the organisations themselves - and their own capability in the impact space.​

Access to the Accelerator is on an on-going basis, via the Deloitte.co.nz website, or you can read more here.​

Client story - Digital innovation to support those hit by disaster​

Hummingly is an organisation that knows how to deal with the disruption caused by disaster.  They create easy-to-use packs of helpful information - tips, advice and positive support to get people through difficult times.  In fact, some of the Deloitte team had been using their packs to help their teams deal with the impacts of the pandemic.  Hummingly wanted to expand and extend their impacts and came to the Impact Accelerator with a question on how to effectively digitise their offerings.​

Through a process of co-design based on lived experience, Deloitte Digital helped to create a set of wireframe designs that would allow the digitisation of their packs and accelerate their market development.​

Read more about how we supported Hummingly via our Impact Accelerator program here.​


Client story – The Good Registry​

Deloitte provides a range of pro-bono work across a variety of sectors, but one organisation we have been supporting for the last five years is The Good Registry.  This organisation allows you to buy gifts and donate the value to a charity of your choice.  With an increasing awareness of consumerism and waste, this is a great alternative to regular present giving.​

The original concept was made reality with advice and support from our Tax Team.  Since it began, Deloitte has been providing the Good Registry team with a full outsourced finance function on a pro-bono basis.  Not only does this work support The Good Registry it also provides a great opportunity for our people to gain experience on a wide range of service offerings. We believe that by supporting The Good Registry, it promotes a sustainable business model  and gives our people the chance to work on something that is purpose-driven.​

Lynne Golds, Partner, Tax & Private​