2021 New Zealand Impact Report

ALL IN is Deloitte's global diversity and inclusion strategy that focuses on building a respectful and inclusive everyday culture, alongside targeted interventions designed to enable diversity and inclusion in all its forms.​

Whilst the initial focus of ALL IN was improving Deloitte's gender diversity, particularly at Partner and Director levels, over time we have expanded our focus, including bringing communities together & providing a platform for groups to connect to support inclusion across the firm. ​

Our Māori community, through Hourua Pae Rau, has enabled people to connect through local and national huis (and zuis during the pandemic) designed to celebrate Te Ao Māori as well as opportunities for learning Te Reo Māori and tikanga together.​

Our Pasifika people through Pås Peau have a fortnightly talanoa where they connect, share challenges & discuss anything topical. They have also taken ownership of celebrating & educating the firm about each of the Pacific language weeks. ​

Enjoying cultural celebrations like Diwali and Lunar New Year also provides opportunities for communities to connect, share & celebrate - typically with kai.​

Our people collectively supported the Asia-Pacific Courageous Conversation video series, which promotes awareness and education on tough issues around inclusion, particularly around LGBT+ and racial equity, by sharing personal stories and experiences to engage and normalise these topics.​



Women in Leadership​

Our co-designed Women in leadership programme is run over several months and provides senior females with greater exposure to the partner leadership and each other. Each year, a new cohort is selected and they support and challenge each other through the programme.​

This year, we had 30 complete our Women in Leadership programme, with a total of 178 completions since the programme was designed in 2017.​

The butterfly effect: What impact will your actions have?​

The butterfly effect is when one small action can start a chain of actions and make a big impact -the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings can spark a chain of events causing a tornado somewhere else. Some of the experiences and memories I reflected on involved small actions from others that have had a much larger impact on me.​

For example, when I was a new senior consultant, the tax partners and managers in Christchurch gave me the opportunity to speak on a technical tax topic at a large client event. The fact they had the belief in me and helped me to succeed had a big impact on my confidence and has helped frame and build my career to date. That exposure as an expert in a subject area opened opportunities for me to assist clients with their tax compliance, identify opportunities for businesses and Deloitte, meet new people, progress my career and allowed me to fuel my interest in employment taxes.​

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate all the wonderful women at Deloitte and in our lives. The global theme for International Women's Day 2021 was 'Choose to Challenge'.​

I challenge myself to actively look for ways to support and encourage members of my team, to tell them and others the fantastic work they do and to seek out and promote them into opportunities which allow them to demonstrate their skills (with me in their corner cheering them on). ​

I challenge everyone at Deloitte to do something small for the women and other people in our lives as you may never know the immense positive impact that has on that person's life and career, and others around them. ​

Brittany Wornall, Associate Director, Tax​

Hourua Pae Rau​

Our Māori community, through Hourua Pae Rau has enabled people to connect through local and national huis and zuis designed to celebrate Te Ao Māori as well as opportunities for learning Te Reo Māori and tikanga together. ​

Te Reo Māori Workshops​

Te Tiriti o Waitangi is the founding document of Aotearoa, the treaty promises to protect Māori culture and te reo Māori. To show our commitment to te tiriti and tangata whenua more than 500 people across our firm have completed te reo Māori lessons over the last two years. These lessons have been hosted virtually by Dr Anaha Hiini who is an expert and leader in revitalising the language within Aotearoa. These lessons support our people in pronunciation, the importance of thinking from a Te Ao Māori perspective and understanding the importance of knowing who you are and where you come from. ​

Click here to view our Hourua Pae Rau video



Pås Peau​

Our Pasifika people through the Pås Peau community have a fortnightly talanoa where they connect, share challenges & discuss anything topical – including food. The community has  also taken ownership of celebrating and educating the firm about each of the Pacific language weeks.​

Pås Peau is from the Rotuman language and literally translates as 'to break through waves'. It serves as a metaphor to describe our aim to do things differently and to challenge the status quo in order to deliver better outcomes for the Pasifika community.​

This year, Pås Peau and Deloitte welcomed our first female Pasifika partner, Amy Dove – read more about her story here.​



NZ StandOUT​

The NZ StandOUT Community is a network of people who are passionate about creating a workplace that embraces and celebrates diversity and people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and sex characteristics (also fondly referred to as LGBTTQI+ or ‘rainbow’ communities).​

We meet regularly to talk about initiatives to improve our culture, celebrate key days for our community, and in general create connections across Deloitte New Zealand. ​​

We also engage our community partner, RainbowYOUTH, to deliver workshops that support the upskilling and education of all Deloitte people and do this regularly throughout the year.​